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CEB DynamicScreen story

Display relevant information in real time on 4 different sites

CEB currently employs 120 people and manages four sites in the Bordeaux metropolis: the Parc des Expositions, Hangar 14, the Palais des Congrès and the Cité du Vin.

The company has two activities: hosting and producing professional events (Vinitech, Jumping Bordeaux) and events for the general public (RoboCup, Foire Internationale de Bordeaux). In total, 800,000 people are welcomed each year.

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A simplified interface with a quick management and usable by all

We have been working with Pierre and his team for three years. Initially, they were looking for a 100% online, plug-and-play digital signage solution with simplified user rights management to allow for the installation and management of these four sites. One of the main challenges was to delegate the use of the billboards to novice customers. "A simple and efficient solution, without hosted servers, with an easy-to-use web interface is essential," explains Pierre.

For us, the challenge is even greater because for each client, the uses vary according to the needs. Whether it's a trade show, a medical congress, or an international robotics competition, our digital signage solution can be adapted to display an exhibitor's advertisement, the room schedule, or the results in real time. Pierre Gibert testifies: "the solution is complete enough to meet 90% of our customers' needs".


An adaptable and suitable solution

In three years, our team has developed many features, and "the solution remains as easy to use as ever" admits Pierre. Fully satisfied, he develops the use of our digital signage solution for internal communication in particular. The calendar of events, excerpts from previous events, the weather and the Twitter feed are displayed on the screens in the office. Thanks to digital signage, communication has never been so fast and easy to all visitors. "From the idea of the message, its conception to its diffusion, we took a few seconds" says Pierre Gibert.

We need simplicity, ease of use, and fast integration of fixed content that meets 80% of our needs. Comeen Play succeeds in the challenge of offering a simple and feature-rich solution.

Pierre Gibert, Head of Digital Solutions, CEB

CEB x DynamicScreen

Cas client

Découvrez le retour d'expérience de Pierre Gibert, Responsable des Solutions Numériques de Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux (CEB).

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CEB, le cas client

Comment le CEB a utilisé l'affichage dynamique et notre solution

CEB DynamicScreen story

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