DynamicScreen has developed an easy to use and easy to deploy solution, responding to all uses cases.


An easy to install Digital Signage solution

DynamicScreen is a SaaS solution (sofware as a servcice). There is therefore nothing to download or install. All you need is a web browser. Plug in the player and start playing content. Our solution is entirely based on web technologies, whether for the administration of the solution or for distribution. It's really easy to use and updates are automatic.

There is therefore no cost or time constraint.

Which display for Digital Signage?

Regardless of the screen brand, the DynamicScreen solution is compatible with everything from digital signage screens to totems and digital panels. Our solution is compatible with an infinite number of media.

DynamicScreen has been designed to be a connected, intuitive and above all very easy to use solution.


DS Integrator

Our aim is to develop a set of tools that will ease the deployment of our solution. DynamicScreen removes the constraints of digital signage through the development of its web and mobile application: DS Integrator.

This application has been designed to considerably simplify the deployment of our solution on your clients' screens. DS Integrator offers you the possibility to have a complete overview of your entire display fleet and to manage it easily and remotely.

Simplifies deployment.

With a simple click, connect your player to the screen of your choice via a QR code or Pin code. Regardless of the location of the former, associate your player and manage your screen fleet.

With DS integrator you have access to features to manage the status of your screens, restart your player, change its orientation, geolocation and all this on site or remotely. Manage your screen fleet in the blink of an eye. Your screen fleet is easy to maintain and our app saves you time.

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