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Power up Microsoft 365 with Digital Signage

Is your company using Microsoft 365? DynamicScreen is the best way to manage your signage screens. Use your Microsoft Account to login on the platform. Connect your PowerPoint, Excel and more, let DynamicScreen to the rest!

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Create from the tools you already know,
broadcast instantly on signage screens

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Because you probably don’t want to train your collaborators on a new tool, DynamicScreen lets you create content from PowerPoint, Excel, Word and broadcast it on signage screen. Any update on the file? No worries it’s automatically synchronized. The best way to broadcast internal updates, team planning, anniversary and more!

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DynamicScreen integrates the SharePoint and OneDrive File Picker. It’s the easier way to pick images, videos, PowerPoint, and more from your Drive.
Connect your Microsoft Account and start your journey with DynamicScreen. It’s secured and easy to use.

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PowerPoint is the best way to create presentations. Creating presentations is great, making them available on a display screen is even better. 
With DynamicScreen, connect and display your documents with two clicks from within our solution, simply and efficiently.

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DynamicScreen let’s you synchronize raw data datasources as CSV, ICS files, or Excel.
Select the Excel you wanna synchronize, rearrange, sort, filter data in DynamcScreen.

Then, connect the datasource to the Template you wanna use in our Designer tool. 
Create best looking and automatically synchronized team planning, incident dashboards and many more!

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