How does our SaaS Digital Signage works?

A broadcasted and instantly updated content

Our technology ensures:

The creation of your dynamic content

Broadcasting on all your screens instantly

Support to assist you


The smart DynamicScreen solution has been designed to offer you a wide range of features. It is an intuitive SaaS solution for content creation, planning and delivery. It is able to adapt to different needs depending on the environments and sectors of activity in which you can effectively use your digital communication.

Whether it is a question of small or large structures, our solution adapts to different goals. Whether you want to manage a whole fleet of screens, whether you want to digitalize your activity or even the desire to modernize your communication and brand image. Our digital signage solution adapts to the different types of content, animated or static, that you wish to highlight with an obvious quality and simplicity of use.


Plug in and Start

Choose the content you want to broadcast

Static content like:


Dynamic content like:

G Suite
Road conditions
Web pages
and more!

Design your own content

Thanks to our Designer, it is possible for you to create your content from scratch

About the Designer

A connected solution

Broadcast your content, display information in real time.  

Manage your broadcasting via a computer, smartphones or tablets from anywhere in the world.  Plan your broadcast and post the necessary information at the right time and in the right place. Choose the screens on which you want to display your different information using our connected solution.


Analyze your performances

After broadcasting content, see analytics.

DynamicScreen allows you to access via your interface the statistics of your various broadcasts so that you can analyze the performance of your display. Determine the number of sales made when your content is broadcast... Analyze, compare and optimize your results with digital signage.

Manage your screens
Broadcast automatically
Create your content autonomously

Work on touchscreens with DynamicScreen

DynamicScreen is compatible with touch screens. Enjoy two features in one.

Broadcast dynamic or static content and then transform your display into a touch experience when interaction occurs. Ideal for your lobby terminals or any other display.

Use our solution to guide your visitors, deliver content, but also generate interactions by inviting touch to your experiences.

Encourage your audience to touch the screen for the experience to start.

Make your display dynamic and interactive to promote engagement and modernize your image.


Discover DynamicTouch

DynamicTouch, your product catalogue at your fingertips

Our ultra-connected solution allows you to broadcast your dynamic communication but as soon as you wish you can also display your products directly on the screen. In the blink of an eye from a tablet or smartphone, configure from your interface the different products to display and you're done!

A tablet to accompany the seller. If you want to do Cross Selling, display on the screen the product of your choice in real time followed by its characteristics.

DynamicTouch is a real sales support.

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We are committed to answering you in less than 15 minutes so that you can quickly obtain the information you need.

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