DynamicScreen is the innovative Digital Signage solution

The Designer

Our solution embeds a content creation tool.

DynamicScreen allows you to create your own content directly from our solution and keeps your communication uniform.

Create your design directly from our Web interface

Imagine and create your own content to be broadcasted. Add: texts, images, logos, shapes... Respect your graphic identity and insert your own graphic charter in the creation of your digital communication.

Import your database or your WebServices

Simply broadcast an infinite number of content typologies from WebServices, CSV files, databases, APIs, RSS feeds, GTFS and even 2D & 3D models.

Your data instantly updated

The imported information and data are updated automatically. Choose your content, import your calendar as instance, and the right information will be published at the right time according to the date and time entered.

DynamicScreen: The future is already in our innovative solution... Create smart scenarios

With DynamicScreen, your content is automated!

Contextualizing your communication is the key. Trigger content according to context by creating smart experiences.

Choose an experience to set up such as automatically highlighting a product, sending an alert message, creating a promotion from our experience catalogue or creating your own experience from our interface.

Set up the elements of your experience so that it is automatically triggered at the right time. Choose the conditions under which it is triggered: high stock level in a store, a customer who takes a product (sensor connected), depending on the weather, etc. Combine the conditions to make your experience more relevant!

Adapt the broadcasting content to the context.
To make the automatically triggered content relevant, add context elements. The triggered content can be generated in real time and adapted to your target audience. The content can for example broadcast the remaining stock, the time before the end of the promotion, etc...

Your content becomes completely autonomous thanks to the automatic triggering of your communication.

Smart, connected and efficient communication for real time savings!

Let DynamicScreen generate your content on your displays

The smart generation of your communication


DynamicScreen innovates and provides you with a smart model designed to generate your content automatically.

Simple and innovative: Select the design of your choice, DynamicScreen provides you with different communication visuals. Fill in the customizable fields so that your content is generated according to your wishes.

Save time, import your data or let DynamicScreen connect to your information system to automatically generate the right message at the right time and at the right place according to the predefined conditions. Determine the image of the product to be promoted as well as the content of your offer and content generation will begin.

Link digital signage and artificial intelligence to re-enchant your communication!

Download DynamicScreen presentation