Our partnership with Google

Google Cloud Partner

Since its creation in 2018, DynamicScreen has been able to create a connected and innovative solution and has thus developed a network of French and international partners.

The company has taken the challenge of supporting its customers in the digitalization of their spaces with 100% Web solutions.

With its partners, DynamicScreen is committed and offers a solution and features that are increasingly optimized to best meet expectations.

DynamicScreen became a G Suite reseller in 2019 in order to integrate its solution with Google's software suite and to support its customers globally.

These integrations make it much easier to create content and deploy DynamicScreen in your company!

G Suite

DynamicScreen is an extension of Google's GSuite offer. Create your Google Slides, Docs, Sheets and distribute them easily on your displays thanks to our solution.

Whether it's a Google Slides with your performance indicators, a Google Docs with your security instructions or a Google Sheet with your KPIs, deliver this content instantly to your screens.

Are you updating the document? No problem, the document is automatically updated on your displays!

Our integration also allows you to use your documents stored on Google Drive directly in DynamicScreen.

Select video, image or PDF content from your Drive to play it on your screens.

If the media is updated in your Drive, the new version is automatically displayed on your screens.

G Suite

DynamicScreen takes advantage of the player's hardware using ChromeOS, Google's operating system.

Use Chromeboxes, to easily deploy our solution in a few clicks.

From the DynamicScreen interface you can manage network information, screen rotation, player restart and much more for ChromeOS devices!


Choosing DynamicScreen means choosing a solution based on the Google Chrome browser.

This allows us to provide our customers with a highly secure solution.

Its architecture allows it to be up to date at all times. Gone are the days when maintaining and updating a digital signage fleet were complex.

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