Our partnership with Samsung

Since its creation in 2018, DynamicScreen has been able to create a connected and innovative solution and has thus developed a network of French and international partners.

The company has taken the challenge of supporting its customers in the digitalization of their spaces with 100% Web solutions.

With its partners, DynamicScreen is committed and offers a solution and functionalities that are increasingly optimized to best meet expectations.

DynamicScreen has teamed up with Korean giant Samsung, together we want to offer innovative and progressive digital signage.

This partnership marks a real turning point in the digital signage industry!

Official partner
DynamicScreen & Samsung


<span class="text-primary font-weight-bold">DynamicScreen</span> : a fully connected solution

Our 100% connected digital signage solution is now available directly on Samsung displays.

We have published a solution allowing the remote control of all kind of screens and the broadcasting of content in various formats: videos, texts, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram news feeds, Youtube channels, weather...

Technically, digital signage is based on 3 essential pillars: screen, player, solution.

However, the developments we have made today make the solution even more innovative.

These developments make it possible to embed the solution directly into Samsung's screens and removes the need for a player.

We are now compatible with Samsung's monitors (SoC). This is a real breakthrough for digital signage.

About our partnership


Tomorrow's digital signage will have to generate content automatically, in real time based on context. Technologically, we are ready. We need partners like Samsung, who share our vision, to evangelize the market and offer an innovative, comprehensive and optimized service now.

Benjamin Gauthier, CEO, DynamicScreen

DynamicScreen has grasped the future of digital signage over the next 3 years, which is why we want to work with them on these innovative topics.

Less expensive: no more need for digital signage players

Easy installation: Plug&Play

A fully connected solution

A robust and powerful solution

An innovative service, complete and optimised

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