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Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) allows you to display and manage content on your screens anywhere in the world.

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Distribute your existing content, simply and quickly

Share your Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations, recent Tweets and YouTube videos on all your screens.


We have over 60 integrations with the applications you already use. It's very simple.

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You add your content and plan their distribution. Our solution ensures their update in real time.

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Getting started is instant with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

No need to learn another tool or train your employees. If you use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, continue to create your internal communications on Google Slides or PowerPoint.

All in one

Our platform integrates to easily distribute your Slides and PowerPoint presentations, your Docs and Word documents, and your Sheets and Excel tables.

Google Workspace integration →

Update these files and the changes are instantly synchronized on your screens. This allows you to manage your internal communications on a massive scale.

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Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) allows us to track our performance in real time.

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Collaborate with your team

Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) allows you to invite collaborators to create up-to-date and relevant content with a simple, fast and secure access rights system.

Create your user groups

Manage your sharing rights


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Manage your screen fleet in a few clicks

Display your content on every screen in the company-at the reception desk, in your open space, in your meeting rooms and restaurants, in Paris, Singapore, or San Francisco.

You have control over all your screens from your computer and your smartphone.

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Connect your teams to all your screens

Do you have remote employees?
Our platform is the easiest and most secure solution for your hybrid organization. We help you synchronize your teams by displaying your internal communications everywhere, at your workplace and remotely, on your employees' computers.

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A solution that adapts to your needs.
Not the other way around.

Our solution is designed to meet a wide range of use cases.
We work with customers all over the world, in all industries.

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For internal communication

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For operational communication

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For in-store communication

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For all these reasons, you'll love watching your screens with Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen).

Install our digital signage solution quickly and easily.

Connect and schedule the delivery of your existing content with over 60 integrations.

Create personalized content that reflects your company's image.

Collaborate with your team to create great content.

Manage your entire screen fleet from one easy-to-use interface.

Synchronize ALL your employees in the office and remotely.

Use Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 for instant and secure syncing.

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Display and manage the content of your screens anywhere in the world. Installation is quick and easy.

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