Irrijardin has a consistent brand image in 120 stores

Maximize your sales by delivering a personalized and relevant customer experience with Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen).

Hundreds of companies trust us
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Better display your brand image

Can't get interaction in your stores?

Offer your customers a personalized and consistent in-store experience to encourage the act of buying. Whatever your communication, promotional announcements, tutorials, presentation of your corporate culture, etc...

We help you deliver it with elegance and relevance, on every screen in your stores, in your franchises and around the world, to offer an incredible shopping experience to your customers and build lasting loyalty to your brand.

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Display your existing content better

You plan your promotions and want to schedule your screens?

Share your recent Facebook posts and YouTube videos on your point of sale screens. We have over 60 integrations with the applications you already use. It's simple, it doesn't require special technical skills or learning to use new software.

You add your content and plan their distribution. Our solution allows you to automatically contextualize according to the location of the screens and ensures the update of the contents in real time.

Plan the distribution of your promotional offers →

Display better with simple, fast and secure management

Looking for a simple way to manage your different screens?

Maximize your sales and build customer loyalty by displaying personalized communications in a dynamic and attractive format on all your point-of-sale screens.

You have control over how your screens are displayed from your computer and smartphone, and you are guaranteed that your communications are not shared or viewed outside your stores.

Manage your screen fleet →
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Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) allows us to create a consistent experience and reinforces our brand image.

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Marketing Manager, Irrijardin
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Display personalized messages, the possibilities are endless.

Imagine and create your own visuals to display your messages and promotional offers on screen, making your brand image consistent from one point of sale to another. Provide your customers with on-screen interactions for a remarkable shopping experience. The possibilities for personalization are endless.

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Display offers adapted to your customers

Because your promotional offers impact thousands of customers and a screen in your store in Paris does not display the same content as those installed in Milan, our solution allows you to manage this situation very simply with many features. Modify the price of an item from a Google Spreadsheet or Excel table and the update is instantaneous.

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Don't start from scratch

You have a promotional offer to distribute and you lack inspiration? We have the solution. We offer a library of pre-designed templates, easy to modify and to put your company's image on. Dozens of models exist, adapted to your needs and adaptable to your activity.

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Create interactions with your touch screens

Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) is the only solution allowing you to transform your touch screens into digital signage kiosks. To present your products, register a new order, pick up a parcel, or ask for your customers' opinion, offer a real connected experience with memorable interactions and new uses.

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Sesame, untie yourself

Create intelligent scenarios to display the right message at the right time. A person approaches the screen? A product is lifted from a display or its barcode is scanned? The content displayed on the screen updates, adapts, and changes instantly. You can interact with your screens as if by magic. To welcome a customer or thank him for his purchase after his checkout - the WOW effect is guaranteed.

Personalize your internal communications down to the last pixel,

with the Organizational Units

This allows you to create, organize and customize your Group into multiple workspaces to manage your internal communications locally. Within an organizational unit, you can manage as many workspaces as you want.
Increase the engagement of all your employees at all levels.

Discover the Enterprise offer

For all these reasons, you'll love watching your screens with Comeen Play.

Share your internal communications on your company's screens, simply and quickly.

Connect and schedule the delivery of your existing content with over 60 integrations.

Manage your entire screen fleet from one easy-to-use interface.

Use Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 for instant and secure syncing.

Synchronize ALL your employees in the office and remotely, from any terminal.

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