Botanic manages the logistics of 11000 references

Increase the performance of your logistics platform and your field teams by simplifying the reading of your data with Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen).

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Display your logistics data better

How to improve your logistics platform?

Display clear, up-to-date, easy-to-read data. Your field teams will gain in performance. Whatever the business data to be displayed, number of accident-free days, order processing progress, daily and weekly performance, awareness of protection procedures, etc.

We help you to distribute it with clarity and relevance, on all the screens of your platform, to allow your teams to read it easily and to take initiative quickly.

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Display your existing content better

How do you highlight the information you already use?

Share your key metrics, Google Data Studio dashboards and create relevant charts from your Google Spreadsheet and Excel spreadsheets on your warehouse screens.

We have over 60 integrations with the applications you already use. It's simple, it doesn't require any specific technical skills or learning to use a new software. You add your content and schedule its distribution.

Our solution ensures that content is updated in real time.

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Reading information is simplified. By knowing exactly where they are, our teams gain in autonomy and efficiency.

Fabien Bessette
Logistics Director, Botanic
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Display better your content adapted to your teams

Are you struggling to make differentiating content for all your subsidiaries around the world?

Because your displayed business data directly impacts your teams and indirectly thousands of consumers around the world and because a screen in your office in the United States does not display the same content as those installed in Germany, our solution allows you to manage this situation with many features very simply.

Create a local playlist and the subtitling of the videos is automatic.  There's no need to learn new software. Edit a presentation from Google Slides or PowerPoint and it updates instantly. Your internal communications become more relevant - and more engaging.

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Display better with simple, fast and secure management

Are you looking for an accessible and easy-to-use solution?

Display your important communications on every screen in your building-at the front desk, in your warehouse, in your meeting rooms and catering facilities, in Paris, Singapore, or San Francisco. You have control over all your screens from your computer and your smartphone.

Manage your screen fleet →

Personalize your internal communications down to the last pixel,

with the Organizational Units

This allows you to create, organize and customize your Group into multiple workspaces to manage your internal communications locally. Within an organizational unit, you can manage as many workspaces as you want.
Increase the engagement of all your employees at all levels.

Discover the Enterprise offer

Getting started is instant with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

No need to learn another tool or train your employees. If you use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, continue to create your internal communications on Google Slides or PowerPoint.

All in one click

Our platform integrates to easily distribute your Slides and PowerPoint presentations, your Docs and Word documents, and your Sheets and Excel tables.

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And secure

Update these files and the changes are instantly synchronized on your screens. This allows you to manage your internal communications on a massive scale.

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For all these reasons, you'll love watching your screens with Comeen Play.

Share your internal communications on your company's screens, simply and quickly.

Connect and schedule the delivery of your existing content with over 60 integrations.

Manage your entire screen fleet from one easy-to-use interface.

Use Comeen Play (formerly DynamicScreen) with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 for instant and secure syncing.

Synchronize ALL your employees in the office and remotely, from any terminal.

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