Digital signage in events for

Improve the experience of your exhibitors and their visitors at events

Enhance your sponsors' value

During your events, use digital signage to highlight the different sponsors who support you, through digital content (videos, photos, advertising spots...) Enhance your sponsors, enhance your brand image.

Engage your visitors

Attract your visitors' interest with digital signage. Enhance the virality of your event by distributing attractive content on different types of media such as totems or digital screens. Organize contests and distribute them on tactile tablets or panels to encourage interactivity from the public.

Inform your audience

Inform your audience via digital content with digital signage. Distribute relevant information at the right time. Share all your communication instantly in a more visible and attractive way.

Attract attention

Give a higher dimension to your communication during your events by digitizing your different contents. Differentiate yourself and captivate your visitors with a visual experience. Modernize your communication and make your events unique with digital signage.

Reinforce the virality of your events
Attract your audience

Invite digital to your events

Communicate simply and efficiently with digital signage

Modernize your image
Optimize your communication
Interact with your visitors
Boost your reception points
Create powerful visuals
Attract your visitors

DynamicScreen was the answer to our needs in terms of dynamic signage: a simple and effective solution.

The DynamicScreen Support

A DynamicScreen customer has a unique interlocutor, who is fully aware of your project. Our team offers support service up to 24/24 hours and helps you in solving the problem encountered.

We set up monitoring solutions to offer you a continuous service and performance that meets your expectations.

We regularly update our solution to make it ever more complete and easy to use.

In the event of an incident encountered on the display solution, our technical support will do everything possible to support you until it is fully resolved.


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