Digital signage in the Industry / Logistics for

Digital technology at the service of your industry thanks to digital signage

Monitor your activity

Inform and welcome your visitors while conveying your own image and values through digital signage.

Inform your employees

Communicate with your employees. Inform them instantly.
Provide the right information about the company at the right time and in the right place.

Alert if necessary

Remind staff of safety rules. Initiate an automatic alert in case of an incident. Post the evacuation plan and any other information you need to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Control production

Disseminate all the key indicators necessary for your activity. Be in control of all the information you transmit. Improve your communication and boost your productivity.

Volume to be produced, production rate, incidents... Distribute all your key indicators in real time

Digitize your production spaces

Streamline your information transmission and control your production

Optimize your results
Raise awareness of risks
Optimize your communication
Increase the effectiveness of your actions
Manage your communication
Inform effectively on safety

The DynamicScreen Support

A DynamicScreen customer has a unique interlocutor, who is fully aware of your project. Our team offers support service up to 24/24 hours and helps you in solving the problem encountered.

We set up monitoring solutions to offer you a continuous service and performance that meets your expectations.

We regularly update our solution to make it ever more complete and easy to use.

In the event of an incident encountered on the display solution, our technical support will do everything possible to support you until it is fully resolved.


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